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Visualization Demos

The software demos below can be started by clicking on the images, which will start BiNA Webstart. It may take some time, until the visualization is loaded.

KEGG Apoptosis from H.sapiens

This visualization demo highlights basic features of BiNA's visualization.

KEGG Apoptosis from H.sapiens with node color mapping

This visualization demo illustrates how BiNA can be used for mapping expression data to reglatory networks. The GEO data set GDS1312 is mapped to background color of the protein, complexes, and families.

KEGG Cell Cycle from S.cerevisiae with timeseries data from Spellman

This visualization demo illustrates the mapping of time series data to the visualization of BiNA. We provide a visualization of the Cell Cycle from KEGG mapped with the original Spellman data sets, downloaded from the GEO database.

KEGG Citrate Cycle from H.sapiens

This visualization demo illustrates the KEGG visualization style, which layouts metabolic networks similar to KEGG maps.

Excerpt of the StringDB

The file demonstrates the loading of SIF files into BiNA. Select SIF importer to load the SIF file as it is.