BiNA Packages

Version Release Date OS Download Webstart 2013/12/16 Windows zip (37 MB)

Run BiNA Webstart

Linux/Unix tar.gz (37 MB)
Mac OS X dmg (89 MB)
2.4.1 2013/12/06 Windows zip (37 MB)


Linux/Unix tar.gz (37 MB)
Mac OS X dmg (89 MB)
2.4.0 2013/10/24 Windows zip (40 MB)


Linux/Unix tar.gz (40 MB)
Mac OS X dmg (95 MB)

Please visit our SourceForge download page for older versions.


Current database versions can be found at SourceForge:

Contained Datasets Build Type Download
KEGG August 2013
Organisms: H.sapiens, M.muscuslus, A.thaliana, S.cerviciae, E.coli
2013/08/07 Derby gz (140 MB)
xz (42 MB, linux only)
MySQL gz (51 MB)
KEGG May 2011
Organisms: H.sapiens, M.muscuslus, A.thaliana, S.cerviciae
2013/06/21 Derby gz (118 MB)
xz (42 MB, linux only)
MySQL gz (42 MB)

Problems using Java Webstart

Security problems

  1. Java 7 update 45 (released in October, 2013) changed its security policies for Java Webstart Applications. Therefore, it might be required to lower your security settings using the Java Control Center from "very high" to "high" (recommended) or "medium". 
  2. If you have an older Java version (e.g., Java 7 update 21) we recommend to upgrade to the latest Java version. If this is not possible, please, use the download version of BiNA.

Download problems

  1. Ensure that your internet connection settings are valid (especially, the proxy settings).
  2. Try to clear the JNLP cache:
    • Linux:
      • In a Terminal/Shell/Console run 
          javaws -Xclearcache
        or delete folders 
          $HOME/.java/deployment/cache (Oracle's java) or
          $HOME/.icedtea/cache (OpenJDK with IcedTeaX)
    • Windows:
      • Delete folder 
    • Mac OS X:
      • In a Terminal run 
          javaws -clearcache

Verification problems

  1. Have you downloaded the latest BiNA version?
  2. Linux users: Java Webstart is provided by IcedTea NetX. There is also a IcedTea browser plugin available. Check that the connection settings for IcedTea are valid. Sometimes, it is necessary to check the browser settings, if it is an underlying download problem.

Java Exceptions

  • java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: info.unipax.bina.launcher.WebstartLauncher)
  1. Check that the correct Java version is used.
    • Linux (Ubuntu):
      • java and javaws should point to the same Java 7 version:
        sudo update-alternatives --config java
        sudo update-alternatives --config javaws